Aftercare Crew

Leanda Otto

Leanda Otto


Throughout my journey of becoming an Educational Psychologist, learners with diverse educational needs have always been close to my heart.


I developed a passion working with learners who have the cognitive ability to achieve great success but difficulty coping with the mainstream education system.


Whilst working with children for the past 10 years, I realised how many learners had difficulty in coping, and don’t excel due to the narrow approach in our current mainstream education system.


Creative Kidz School, provides the support, curriculum, teaching methods, inclusive environment and structure for this very needed educational gap.


We successfully cater for different learners, specifically the ones who don’t fit into the mainstream setting.

Bonnie Ward

Aftercare Manager

Mercy Nunurai.jpeg

Mercy Nunurai

Aftercare Juniors

Wane De Sousa

Wayne De Sousa


Ina Otto

Ina Otto

Accounts Manager

Shirley-Anne Burger

Aftercare Juniors


General Assistant

Natasha Manickum.jpeg

Natasha Manickum

Office Administrator


Ntabiseng Phadime

Aftercare Assistant


Kitchen Manager