• School learners (Gr. R to Gr. 7) referred by the Department of Education or identified by educational psychologists, principals or other professionals, who will benefit from support in a small environment, will be accepted (if the application is successful), with the relevant documentation to support their ability to follow the mainstream CAPS program. 

  • The learner must accept that the language of learning and teaching (LOLT) is English and Afrikaans.

  • Final acceptance will depend on the availability as determined by the class size (maximum of 16 children per class). 



  • A learner who has entered the country on a study permit will present the study permit on admission to the school.

  • Learners who are not citizens of South Africa but whose parents are in possession of a permit for temporary or permanent residence issued by the Department of HomeAffairs may apply to the school for admission.

  • Persons classified as illegal aliens must, when making application for admission, prove that they have applied to the Department of Home affairs to legalize their stay in the country in terms of the Aliens Control Act 1991 (96 of 1991).




  • Before enrolment – on enquiry 

    • Parents / Legal Guardians to complete admission request in the Office Admin Book.

    • Assessment to be arranged for the learner at Creative Kidz School, with the corresponding grade’s teacher. Assessments will take place during school holidays (in the mornings), or during school terms on the following days and scheduled times:

      • Grade R – 2 on Tuesdays at 13:15

      • Grade 3 on Tuesdays at 13:30

      • Grade 4 – 7 on Tuesdays at 14:00

    • Admin to obtain a reference from learner’s previous school.

    • Admin to obtain previous assessments done by professionals from the parents. 

    • Reference, assessment results, other documentation and other assessment

    • Feedback will be provided to the applicant as advised by the owner of Creative Kidz School. 



  • Successful candidates

  • Successful candidates have to collect the enrolment forms and other documentation required to complete. The following documents have to be completed and handed in:

  • Transfer Card (parents to obtain from the previous school);

  • Completion of enrolment form (each page to be signed by the parent / legal guardian);

  • Signed tear offslip of the Code of Conduct (Parents to keep the Code of Conduct);

  • Copy of learner's birth certificate;

  • Copy of clinic card;

  • Latest school report card;

  • Copies of any assessments done by any professionals;

  • Copies of identity documents (ID) of both parents/legal guardians;

  • Consent and Indemnity Form;

  • Social Media Form;

  • School Uniform Order Form;

  • Enrolment Administration Form;

  • Copies of both parents/legal guardians’ latest pay slips;

  • Proof of payment.


NB: Learners cannot start at Creative Kidz School if all the relevant documentation is not in order and if all the required payments are not done, and proof of payment received.