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The art of possibility

Our brand new Pretoria East campus brings our revolutionary multi-sensory teaching model to Constantia Park. Our modern building, exceptional teachers and powerful curriculum is ready to welcome your child. This stunning campus, offers Gr. R - Gr. 7 small classes with tailor-made learning interventions. Come and experience the magic of multi-sensory learning. This campus is a beautiful, safe and loving space in which your child can discover their unique skills, abilities and passions. Leave your children in safe, capable and  creative hands. The extra murals we currently offer includes Creative Kickerz and Creative Arts and Crafts. We are looking forward to expanding our entire school in the year that lies ahead. See you soon!

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Tel: 061 588 7758



593 Mendelssohn St,

Constantia Park,



“Children are not things to be moulded,

but are people to be unfolded.” 

— Jess Lair, author


My child does not want to come home after school, he wants to stay at aftercare with his friends. Teachers are friendly and caring.

Frankie Bolder

So thankful that Creative Kidz School has such a wonderful aftercare facility. This really takes the pressure off me and I can finish my day's work. At home I can just be a MOM!

Quinn Davis

Cost effective, safe, happy environment for my child to work and play in. I would highly recommend this aftercare option. The teachers help the children conquer their battles veen after school!

Sandy Williams

We have seen drastic improvement in our child's behaviour as well as academic progress. He absolutely loves attending school, telling us about how great his day was and showing us what he learned. It has been easier coping with his autism, and he wants to participate in class activities. This school has given us so much hope for the future. It has improved our daily lives and made a huge difference in our son’s life. We are forever thankful for your consistent care and look forward to spending the next 7 years being a part of this family.


Good Morning 


Creative kidz is one of the best schools , it has transformed Lethabo Mokwebo to be best, always thinking about school and she is confident in herself. 


I would like to thank the teachers for their hard work!


Kinds regards 

Itumeleng Mokwebo

I honestly cannot thank Creative Kidz School enough. For the first time in my twin's school life, they are truly happy in their environment and look forward to going to school because of the constant support they receive. Creative Kidz School is geared to make sure that the individual child's needs are catered for. Their team of staff is fantastic! Their attention to detail helps to support the learners overcome hurdles. I would highly recommend them as an option for any child.




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01 /06 / 2023: SAY SOMETHING NICE

05 / 06 /2023: EXAM & FORMAL ASSESMENTS Gr. R - 3

EXAM Gr. 4-7

18 / 06 / 2023: FATHER'S DAY

23 / 06 / 2023: LAST DAY OF SCHOOL

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