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Crafting a kid

Being a parent or a teacher in the 21st century comes with major responsibility. Modern children are challenging, creative, unique and intensional. They have very specific needs and desires. "Crafting a kid" is a metaphor explaining the process of cultivating, breeding or raising a successful child.

This is a process of craftsmanship, and one would need very specific skills to do this. Perfecting a craft, takes on average 10 000 hours, but learning the craft of raising a child is an ongoing process, which can never be quite perfect.

Firstly we need a team. PARENTS + PROFESSIONALS + OUR KIDS = a successful crafting journey. As a parent you should be equipping yourself with the necessary skills to help your child overcome their barriers and to flourish. The help of trained and accredited professionals is essential for anyone on a journey with learning barriers or other issues.

What are your greatest challenges as a parent? What is your child struggling with? Is the EDUCATION TEAM (EDU TEAM) you have selected supporting you on your CRAFTING journey? Is your child interested and engaged in the process of growth?

We really believe that it is a team effort, starting with the parent, then traveling to the teacher & professional and finally, if we're lucky the child becomes the true artist, taking charge of their own learning journey.

Throughout this campaign we'll be discussing the various perspectives of "crafting a child". We'll see what the parent needs, in order to cope and we'll get and give some great advice. We'll also connect with teachers, occupational therapists, educational psychologists and other professionals to get the remedies "straight from the horse's mouth". Finally, we'll put on the glasses of your child, and we'll see how they perceive the world, learning, their growth and learning barriers.

Stick around to chat-along with us throughout this crafting a kid campaign!

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