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At Creative Kidz School, we're creating a space for learners with learning barriers to THRIVE, FLOURISH and LIVE! We truly believe students who receive the appropriate help and support will develop the skills necessary to grow and blossom at school and at home. We aim to teach all of our students how to leverage their strengths in areas that may be difficult, and how to search for the tools that they need in order to succeed. We offer a specialised CAPS curriculum (Gr. 1-7), that focuses on multisensory teaching and learning. We offer very small classes, with a maximum of 16 learners per class, with teachers who are passionate about teaching. Learners are engaged in every lesson by accommodating all types of learners and their unique learning style. We cater for auditory, visual and kinesthetic learners. We'll love, support and nurture your child in the very best environment! Children with learning barriers are the most beautiful artworks, we'd love to be a part of your creative kid's life and learning.


Your child deserves the very best

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Your child will be taught the exact same curriculum as in the mainstream school, but through creative and unique learning interventions. The process of learning  should be fun, at their own pace and effective.


Your child deserves our professional attention, care and nurturing. Our classes have a maximum of 16 students, which gives us the opportunity to be involved with your child's learning journey every step of the way.


Not everyone learns in the same way. Learners are engaged in every lesson by accommodating all types of learners and their unique learning style. We cater for auditory, visual and kinesthetic learners through individual interventions.


Sending your child to school is essential, finding the perfect one, that understands your unique needs is difficult, we'd love t make this process easier on you.


I am so grateful for all the help and guidance the school has provided to my son. I was lost and hopeless but you restored confidence within my son and then he started living again and enjoyed going to school. Thank you very much for your help in building and giving my son his pride back. 

Phindile Rulashe

My daughter loves coming to school and thoroughly enjoys her time at school with her teacher and her friends. She has come leaps and bounds with the way she is taught and she strives to be the best she can be, which is all we can ask as parents. Thank you!

Lisa van Jaarsveld

I know I made the right choice by putting my son in Creative Kidz School. He is a completely different person and now loves going to school. Thank you to this exceptional school and especially to his teacher.

Strongly recommended.

Shannon Enslin



The purpose of Creative Kidz School is to provide a unique opportunity for children with learning barriers to attend an affordable private remedial school where the focus is on quality remedial education that employs a multi-sensory approach to teaching.

At Creative Kidz School, we design purpose driven, individualized interventions, in collaboration with the learner’s parents, to fit their unique needs and endeavour to develop children with skills and values that will empower them to thrive in the 21 st century.


C - Collaboration
R  - Resilience
E  - Empathy
A  - Accountability
T  - Trustworthiness
I  -Independence
V  - Versatility
E  - Enthusiasm

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 Education is the most powerful tool that you can use to change the world.



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Our brand new Pretoria East campus opened in 2021. We are so excited about this modern campus, situated in Constantia Park. 

ADDRESS: 593 Mendelssohn St, Constantia Park, Pretoria, 0010

TELEPHONE: 061 588 7758


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Our established Alberton campus, located in Brackendowns, has changed the lives of many South African families.

ADDRESS: 7 Letaba Straat, Brackendowns, Alberton, 1454

TELEPHONE: 061 539 4938


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Every single child on earth deserves to be supported, loved and protected on their journey of learning. I faced my own battle with ADHD and I am just so passionate about creating and supporting spaces where children's needs are completely met and where they can reach and exceed their own full potential. I love every single moment spent with the wonderful children at Creative Kidz School because I can truly feel the magic of multi-sensory learning within these spaces. I can see how children are developing, growing and evolving into the best versions of themselves they can possibly be. 

Our job at Creative Kidz School is to teach and inspire our children to believe in themselves and in their dreams and bestow upon them the courage and confidence to become who they were created to be!

Love you all!

-Hykie Berg (Creative Kidz Ambassador)